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Rebecca's Life Story

Hi Friends! Below is a short story of some of the most important events and changes in my life since my teen years. The Story is divided into 4 main pages. Click above to go to the section you want to read:

I hope you will understand me better by reading it.

After leaving the ranch and getting settled in at home, I went to work with my mom at the company she was employed at, and I decided to go to college. I wasn't sure how to do that, as I had never taken my S.A.T's but I knew some people that attended, The Masters College, an inter-denominational Christian college in Southern CA so after checking it out further, I applied for The Masters Institute. The Master's Institute is a one year intensive Bible study program at the college. I was accepted as a student and started at the school in January of 1991.

I loved the feeling of being at Masters! I loved my classes, the special friendships that I developed, and especially learning more about the Lord in the Bible classes and chapel. However, I will be the first to admit,that at times I had more fun meeting people, and being with my friends than I did studying. Though, when I say that, I did very well in my specific Youth Ministry courses. While at Masters, I did spend some time street witnessing with friends in Hollywood, that was an awesome time! During my summer break, I went up to Christian Encounter for their high school graduation where I was given an award for spiritual growth. It was wonderful to be back in the company of such dear friends. I spent that summer working as a Junior High cook at a Christian camp literally down the street from the ranch. What a great summer that was!

When I got back to school, I almost went back into the habit of dating the wrong people, but by my dear friend Bullwinkle talked some serious sense into me! I am so glad she did because shortly after that disaster I met the love of my life. My roommate and I had gone to a little church down the street from the campus for our Sunday morning service, where I met Matthew. I was telling my room-mate that he was very good looking, she just smiled at me. Little did I know that Matthew too, was a student at Masters. We didn't know each other from campus, but I did know some of his room-mates. When Matthew asked me out on our first date several weeks later, I was thrilled! Our first date was to McDonalds and to see "The Adams family movie", we had a lot of fun, and after that first date there were more and more. We didn't date very long at all before we became engaged (only about a month) but did have a little over a years engagement.

Matthew got to spend a lot of time with my family, since they were about 30 minutes away from Masters. He also got to know my friends,at the school. Not having been in healthy dating relationships before, but remembering the things that I learned from my counselor at Christian Encounter, I took it slow with Matthew, even though we were engaged, I wanted a long engagement to get to know all about him. The year went by fast, especially with planning our wedding and it wasn't very long before our special day had arrived in January 1993. It didn't rain very much in Southern California but for some reason it did rain on our wedding day, but that didn't bother me, as I heard an old wives tale that that was good luck. Though I don't believe in luck, I do believe that the Lord smiled on our wedding day. It was a beautiful wedding! My former counselor from Christian Encounter, helped perform our wedding ceremony, and a lot of our friends from Masters were there, as well as other friends, and of course family. I think our wedding was even more beautiful because we had saved ourselves for each other. We gave ourselves a very special gift on our honeymoon night, and I am so glad that we did wait to give each other that gift.

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