Merry Christmas

Rebecca's Life Story

Hi Friends! Below is a short story of some of the most important events and changes in my life since my teen years. The Story is divided into 4 main pages. Click below to go to the section you want to read:

I hope you will understand me better by reading it.

My Story 1993 to 2002

We lived in CA for only 8 months before getting ready to move to Missouri as Matthew was accepted at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield. We tried to spend a lot of time with family and friends before we moved, because this was going to be hard especially on me, since my life had been in California. My family had a going away party for us which was great! My mom and I also spent some time together before we moved, since we had always had a close relationship, I knew that while it was going to be a good move, it would also be hard. We moved in August of 1993 in our little Honda Civic, packed with some of our things in suitcases and also our turtle, "Rambo", our cat "Noah" and three guinea pigs, "Mop", "Mama", and "Papa". I remember that trip well, we had all of our belongings (except the furniture which we gave away) mailed through the post office-only because our car didn't have an attachment for a trailer and we couldn't afford a truck. I think it took us around three days, before we arrived in Missouri as we took our time along the way, and stayed in hotels overnight.

Shortly after arriving in Missouri, we set out to find a house to rent and get settled. We checked out a listing of rental houses at the Seminary, and found this really cute little house, just a few blocks away. We rented that house for a few months, it was a cute house, but I remember feeling lonely at times as we didn't know anyone in Missouri and I was far away from where I had grown up.

After a few months of renting, we decided to go ahead and starting looking for our first home to buy. After all, we were both working pretty good jobs, and the prices were really good for houses in Missouri at that time. We prayed a lot about this, and knew that this was the Lord's will for us. At the time I was working full time at one of the local Bible Colleges, running their snack shop, I loved that job. While Matthew was working a security guard job and still attending Seminary. We found a great house, in really great condition just a few miles from the seminary, put an offer on it, and that was our first home.

After a few job changes, I found a great job working as a cashier at the Assemblies of God's bookstore there in Springfield, and I was hired after a few interviews. I love books, music, and people, and this was a great job for me. Not to mention I made friends there.

We had been attending an Assemblies of God church there in Springfield at the time. I was helping out with kindergarten age girls. Matthew worked a lot of Sundays, so I always rode the church van as I didn't have my license yet.

I can remember this one Sunday at church so vividly, Matthew had been looking for a new job, preferably a ministry position and that same Sunday some workers from Teen Challenge were there telling about the ministry, and Matthew and I went up front to ask for prayer from the Pastor for seeking a job, but never putting the two together. In fact, Matthew wasn't sure at all that Teen Challenge was the place for him to work, but I just had a feeling that it was.

A few weeks after that, Matthew and I felt led to meet with the people there at the headquarters of Teen Challenge, it was a great meeting. We talked with the then Director, he said that they had a need in Palmer, Alaska, and I thought, that would be pretty cold, and pretty far away from my family . Anyway during that talk he mentioned another center which needed an assistant director and possible secretaries position, that center was in Harrisburg, Pa. I kept thinking how I didn't want to move any further East farther away from my family. However, after a few phone interviews with the director of the center there in Harrisburg and many prayers, Matthew was hired as their Assistant Director, and I was hired on as their secretary.

We rented out our house in Springfield, spent a few days with Matthew's mom in Ohio, and then arrived at our new apartment in Carlisle, Pa. just a few days before 1997 arrived. Working for Teen Challenge was a great experience! Brings back so many precious memories of our years there!

The center we worked out, can house a maximum of 12 men, ages 18-on up. Teen Challenge is a Christ centered rehabilitation/discipleship program a 1 year program at that. It really reminded me a lot of being at Christian Encounter, except this time I was on the opposite side of things. We developed some strong relationships with some of the residents and staff members while there. While the director was in charge of fundraising, Matthew would go to the local schools and give drug and alcohol presentations. Matthew also preached at a few church services, while some of the guys in the program did skits or give testimonies about what God was doing in their lives.

I will never forget the call that I got from my sister one day, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mom needed a lumpectomy, as well as Radiation and Chemotherapy. That was pretty scary. I went and visited her for a week, and for that Christmas she came and stayed with us.

A few months after receiving the news of my mom's cancer, we received wonderful news, after 5 years of marriage I was pregnant with our daughter. This was a huge blessing! Our daughter was born December of 1998, while we were still at Harrisburg Teen Challenge. Matthew kept working at the center until the end of December 1999, while I had gone from working full time at the center to part time, and even doing some work at home in between babysitting so I could be with our daughter as often as possible.

We moved back to Springfield 3 days before 2000 started, as Matthew was accepted back into the Assemblies of God seminary for another term. The first time that Matthew went to Seminary, he received his Masters in Licensed Professional Counseling, and this second time, he was going for his Master of Divinity.

It was nice being back in Springfield in our home. As soon as we got settled, I placed an ad for kids to watch. Matthew got plugged in at the Seminary and soon found a job as activities assistant at a Christian nursing home. In March, I found out I was pregnant again, how exciting that was, Matthew's mom had been out to visit us and I was thrilled to be able to share the news with her. I had an ultrasound and found that I was pregnant with a boy! It wasn't easy being pregnant and babysitting, but somehow I managed.

However come October, I had to be put on bedrest for early contractions, and Matthew helped babysit our daughter plus the kids I was watching. Matthew's professors were very understanding and I will never forget them. On top of being on bedrest, our son was so wild in the womb and he was breach at one point, so my doctor prepared me for a possible cesarean section-thank goodness he turned around! After a few false labors, my doctor scheduled and induction date because my son was getting pretty big, and I wanted a natural labor.

My son was born, naturally towards the end of November and we left the hospital on Thanksgiving day. Things were pretty good at first, my mom came to visit us that Christmas and that was a great time. A few days after that my son, was wheezing and having such a hard time breathing from a cold. So I took him to the doctors, and was told that my son had bronchiolitis. So I was given a nebulizer as well as lot's of medicine.

Christmas was great that year, though I kept worrying about my son, even though I was trying to trust the Lord. Not too long after my mom left to go back home, my sons kept having wheezing problems. So his doctors wanted to Xray his lungs, to see what was going on. That was such a scary visit, my son was in this tiny chamber crying and there was nothing I could do. I just kept crying out to the Lord. When he kept wheezing and didn't see anything unusual in the x-rays a sweat test was scheduled to see if he had cystic fibrosis, (which turned out negative) and also a test to see if he was aspirating his milk was done (which he wasn't). Talk about scary times, but we all kept going through the power of prayer and through the Lord. Finally we met with a pediatric lung specialist, and after looking at all of the tests he came to the conclusion that my son, had reactive airwave disease. We were told then that Reactive Airwave disease is a form of Asthma that my son could outgrow. My son, was them put on steroids to help strengthen his lungs.

We moved a bit since we left Missouri and settled in Nebraska six years ago (2008). Living out here is sure different from anywhere else we have lived especially since we are now part-time farmers but I wouldn't want things to be any different than they are. My son's lungs are just fine, and Matthew and I both graduated from Seminary last year. I have to remember that even when things might seem a little hard, God has always been there!