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Rebecca's Life Story

Hi Friends! Below is a short story of some of the most important events and changes in my life since my teen years. The Story is divided into 4 main pages. Click below to go to the section you want to read:

I hope you will understand me better by reading it.

I believe that the choices a person makes in their life, can determine many things. My parents divorced when I was around 16, and yes that divorce effected me but the choices I made re-acting to that divorce were my own doing. I thought that drinking and parties were more important than a family that was always there for me. I was depressed, and hurting, I couldn't seem to make the right choices. That went on until I was 19 when I was entering my second psychiatric hospital for depression and alcoholism, I was at both of them for 30 days. Right after getting released from the second one I, along with my family, made one of the best choices in my life, one in which turned things around for me. I had been on the road to rebellion at that time for a few years, but upon needing to make some changes and some positive one's at that, my mom and I looked at a place where I could go to start putting my life back together. That place was Christian Encounter Ranch. My mom and I visited Christian Encounter and sure enough it was just the right place for me, and I applied and was accepted as a student there.

Christian Encounter is an awesome ministry that has a residential/discipleship program for troubled youth. I was 19 when I entered the program January 6, 1990 for a life changing experience. During my 11 month stay there, I overcame many obstacles in my life through counseling and the program itself, and learned whole-heartily that, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength". I developed a very strong relationship with Jesus while at Christian Encounter , even though I asked Him into my heart at an early age, I fell away and needed to rededicate my life back to Him. I worked on healing relationships and developing friendships, kindred spirits that are still here today. I graduated from Christian Encounter's high school in June of 90 and stayed on as a student in their program. My family and some friends came to my High School graduation from Christian Encounter's school. Graduating from high school is something I wasn't sure I would have been able to do, but I did it with even being on honor roll for a few semesters and it was wonderful to share it with such special people in my life.

While at the ranch, I had a discipler who helped me grow in my faith with the Lord, and she and I spent time in prayer for everything. We also spent a lot of time in prayer specifically for my up and coming Discovery Expeditions trip in which I would go rock climbing and rappelling on one of the last days of a two week hiking trip. I was really scared, but on that trip I strengthened my relationship with the Lord and overcame many obstacles. One of my favorite books while at the ranch, was "The little engine that could", when I was on my D.E. trip I went from saying, "I think I can, I think I can", to "I know I can".

I graduated from the program November of 1990. My mom, step-dad and, step brothers came to take me home on graduation day. It was a bittersweet day, it was good to be going home, but I had really grown a lot there and I didn't want to leave, especially the friendships that I developed. When I left the ranch that day,it was on a Sunday and my counselor and many others prayed for me as I was leaving, I will never forget that. Nor, will I ever forget the life-long friends I made there.

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