Merry Christmas

The Rocky and Bullwinkle Story!

Bullwinkle ----- Rocky

Rocky (Rebecca) and Bullwinkle (Cheryl) met at The Masters College, in Spring of 1991. Between sharing our life stories, and becoming each others support systems, we became inseparable. We even had Appendectomy's within the same month.

BULLWINKLE: "I recall one night when Rocky was telling me about her testimony. We were sitting in class together and Rocky was writing a poem, she was always writing. She's so creative, I still have one of her poems I remember when she gave it to me in Mr. Halstead's class she was writing & writing, handed it to me & said, so very seriously, "Save this for me. One day I'll ask for it again". She was so serious that I have it still. Here's what the paper to me said: "Tues 9:12 Cheryl, I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk last night or this morn because I slept in but I would love to spend time with you today! The only other class I have is tutoring at 3:30 and I have 2 make some phone calls this morning, but would love to have lunch together or do whatever you want! I'm really glad that the Lord has blessed us with a Special Friendship you mean so much to me. "You are a true friend one that will stay strong till the end you have such a special quality about you and that is that I feel loved when I'm around you Please always stay my friend and I'll always be faithful to you and I'll always be faithful to you as long as you're faithful too. I hope you enjoy this poem I just wrote it! I have not gotten a patent on it yet so be careful with it! Let me know about spending time together today! Sorry so sloppy Rebecca".

BULLWINKLE: "So, Rebecca Sue and I became fast close and inseparable friends. Since Rebecca's last name was Rock, I started calling her "Rocky." To be cute, she started calling me, "Bullwinkle."

ROCKY: "Bullwinkle, having known my story, knew that my one year anniversary of being free from alcohol was coming up. She wanted to take me to an AA meeting for that special occasion. She came with me, and bought me a small cake for the special occasion."

BULLWINKLE: "I was so proud that she made the one year anniversary that I bought her a small cake. We went to the AA meeting together. Afterwards, we rushed to get back to the campus before curfew!"

ROCKY: "We have some wonderful memories together, this one time I won a party at a Russian restaurant called, "Gorky's" in Los Angeles. I won a pin and a shirt and I never win anything so it was really exciting for me. I made sure to invite Bullwinkle, my dad and his girlfriend, and some other friends, and that happened to be Bullwinkle's first date with Ron, and at the time I was dating Bullwinkle's old school teacher".

BULLWINKLE: " yep, that sure was weird *grin*. It was a fun evening.

ROCKY: " Gorky's was a lot of fun! A dark far away place, but a lot of fun and that night is filled with great memories. "

BULLWINKLE: "After that night, Rocky and I shared secrets, dreams, and helped each other with homework. We didn't have a lot of classes together, only two."

ROCKY:" For my birthday that year, my mom took a bunch of my friends, to Knott's Berry Farm, for their Christian music night where we saw Petra (Christian rock group) and Steven Curtis Chapman. The Steven Curtis Chapman concert was inside, while the Petra one was outside, and very loud! Very loud, but very fun! Definitely a birthday that I won't forget, I turned 21 that year!

ROCKY: "I tried to set Bullwinkle up some with cops that I had met, of course she didn't want to go, because we didn't know too much about them. They were cute, but we didn't know a thing about them, and there was no way that we would go alone with them, in the car, in the dark, anywhere! I had some very good guy friends, but I wasn't that great about picking dates. Thank goodness that Bullwinkle kept me safe that night, by not letting me go! "

ROCKY: "Bullwinkle met Ron at a lumber yard when she went to get wood for a desk, and I had met Matthew within the same week. It's weird we met our husbands within one week of each other. She was spending all of her time with Ron, while I was spending all of my time with Matthew. Although we did manage to get together for some quality girl time. We had a great time. I will never forget when we decided to go to the movies, we had so much fun, we decided to see, "Sleeping with the enemy", it was a quiet theatre and of course me, not being one for suspenseful movies, screamed and jumped, and then just about died of laughter! I will never forget that! Romance kept blooming in the air, and soon wedding plans came together. I was a maid of honor in Bullwinkle's wedding.

BULLWINKLE: "So, Rocky was a maid of honor at my wedding and then it was Rocky's turn to wed. We stayed friends together, although there were years and years where we only contacted each other about once a month. "It was my website EverydayWomenEverywhere (EWE) that helped to bring us really close again".

ROCKY: "I agree with Bullwinkle completely, that even though we stayed friends together, that EWE brought us close together again, and I will never stop being thankful for that."