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Necessary Software For Your Computer!

Since you are reading this page . . . you are susceptible to many different forms of attack and identity theft. Every day people are writing new software that is aimed at corrupting your computer (Viruses), tracking you every move on the internet (Spyware), or logging every key you type on your keyboard (Keylogger). Right now, someone may even be trying to hack into your computer!

There are 3 different security programs every computer user who connects to the internet needs:

  1. A good AND up to date Anti-Virus software (It does very little good if you do not keep your virus definitions up to date!).

  2. A good spyware cleaning program (spyware is used to track your websites visitied or log you keystrokes).

  3. A good Firewall to keep hackers out. A good firewall will also let you know when spyware on your computer may be trying to "phone home" (spyware will connect to its home and transfer information to it).



First Let's look at three Anti-Virus products:

Norton AntiVirus 2004

Norton Anti-Virus consistently Scores the best of all Anti-Virus Software (Costs$).

Mcafee Anti-Virus Software

McaFee is usually reviewed as being the second best anti-virus. Mcafee seems to have caused more problems on my computers than Norton (Costs$).

Free AVG Anti-Virus Software

AVG Anti-Virus does not have as many fancy features as Norton. If you do not have an up to date anti-virus and can not afford one... AVG is FREE!! There is no excuse for not having Anti-Virus software on your computer!



If you install software on your computer (or have visited web sites on the internet), you likely have "Spyware" on your computer. Here are two free Spyware cleaning programs:

Free Spyware Cleaner - Ad-Aware

Ad-Aware does a good job finding and cleaning Spyware. Remember (as with Anti-Virus Software), that the definitions must be kept updated. I would suggest updating and running once a week.

Free Spyware Cleaner - Spybot

SpyBot is often reviewed as being the best free Anti-Spyware program available. If you want to install just one Anti-Spyware program, download and install this one.



A Good Firewall will keep bad people from hacking or getting into your computer... and keep bad programs from getting out and phoning home!

Free Zonealarm Firewall

ZoneAlarm is Free! It is also very widely recommended. ZoneAlarm comes in a paid version that has some extra features, but the free download works great!

If you have any questions please contact Rebecca.